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Support sustainable marine tourism in the Azores: Download our guide to whale watching.

Blue Shark (prionace glauca) swimming on top of the seamount Condor, near Faial island, Azores
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Scotty was a friend, a father, a husband, a son, a brother. Someone who motivated us with his smile and friendship. The world lost

The Ocean Azores Foundation was set up in 2021 to support local conservation projects and research initiatives. We work with key partners both here

The Ocean Azores Foundation has financially supported the application for the Azores to be a Whale Heritage Site through the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA).

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Golfinho Commission

The Ocean Azores Foundation supported the application of the Azores as a world recognised sustainable whale-watching destination.

The Ocean Azores Media House is our self-service platform for the world’s media featuring breathtaking video, photography, and drone footage of the ocean and creatures that live in the waters around the Azores.


RTP | Ocean Azores +

9 ISLANDS 1 OCEAN “Ocean Açores +” is presented by “Açores Hoje” on RTP Açores, is a series of short segments about news, updates and interviews related to the ocean, presented by reporter Maria Anderson. In each episode we embark with Maria on her journey to discover the North Atlantic, giving a voice to scientists, sea lovers, fishing communities, artisans and many others. Here, conservation and tourism projects, sustainability, innovation and many other initiatives that the Ocean Azores Foundation embraces will be revealed.

Our study into the impact of swimming with dolphins.

Ocean Azores Photographer of The year

One third of the world’s whale species can be seen in the waters of the Azores.

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The Ocean Azores Foundation could not exist without our supporting whale watching companies and other businesses that are key to the running of the organisation. IT services, hosting and management is provided by The Solar Branco Eco Estate owners who provide this for free to the foundation.

9 Islands. 1 Ocean.

The Ocean Azores Foundation was created in the Azores for the ocean that surrounds us. We aim to invest our resources in selected community projects that will help drive lasting social and environmental change, focusing on the protection of the waters that surround the Azores Islands. This will be achieved through multi-year partnerships and providing funding for organisations that promote marine sustainability and sustainable tourism.