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Scotty was a friend, a father, a husband, a son, a brother. Someone who motivated us with his smile and friendship. The world lost a wonderful person on July 8 2019. Scotty - your memory continues to inspire me everyday.  You will

The Ocean Azores Foundation was set up in 2021 to support local conservation projects and research initiatives. We work with key partners both here in the Azores and around the world. We release an annual report each year. As per the

"…You'll do something special one day." The inspiration behind The Ocean Azores Foundation started in 1998. A group of young boys each waited for interview at a prejudicious company who gave out scholarships to the employees' children. The interview panel would

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The Ocean Azores Foundation has financially supported the application for the Azores to be a Whale Heritage Site through the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA). As part of the approval of the Azores to be a Whale Heritage Site, analysis of

A Low Carbon Sustainable Luxury Hotel Built in the 1800s, this country estate has been thoughtfully renovated, balancing luxury and sustainability. Located 5 minutes from Ponta Delgada in the historical citrus growing town of Livramento. The boutique hotel offers 9-rooms in