Baleia Gin

From the ocean for the ocean. The inspiration behind Baleia came from our first trip to the Azores on honeymoon in 2006, to go whale watching on the island of Faial. In 2018 we returned to the islands and to make this our permanent home. In 2019 The Gin Library was opened, housing one of the world’s largest collection of gins. And in 2020 we started to work on the beginnings of what would be known as Baleia Gin.

Baleia is designed to be a simple, carefully and perfectly balanced gin. Reflecting the ocean, it is created with local, endemic seaweed distilled with a mix of citrus, mint and juniper. Its aim is to showcase the Azores and the amazing botanicals that can be found on the island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Ali Bullock (creator of Baleia Gin explains) “2020 meant the temporary closure of our regular business, hosting guests and gin related experiences. This gave me time to work on my infusions, and so Baleia was born.”

With so many gins out in the market, Baleia has been careful to stand out with its world leading commitment to sustainable tourism through its partnership with The Ocean Azores Foundation. “Baleia goes back to our first trip to the Azores and whale watching. We knew that marine sustainability was something we wanted at the very heart of Baleia Gin.” – Ali Bullock.