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Donations to The Foundation

The Ocean Azores Foundation does not solicit funds from the Azorean or Portuguese government. Donations are kindly received from individuals, guests here on the eco estate and local businesses.

Fundação Ocean Azores
IBAN PT50 0010 0000 5960 0170 0012 5

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Foundation details:
NIPC: 516417274
Sede: Ilha de São Miguel – Ponta Delgada
Criada: 2 September 2021

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Donate via 1% For The Planet

The Ocean Azores Foundation is delighted to be partnered with the 1% For The Planet organisation. Individuals and businesses are welcome to donate to us via this platform.


More companies are being added all the time. Want to donate to the foundation and support our work? Donations made to the foundation from companies are tax deductible. Please get in contact here to find out more.