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The Ocean Azores Foundation would not be able to showcase our work without the kind and generous support from the following photographers. We thank them for allowing us to use their photos to help publicise our work. To see more photos check out our Instagram page here.


Rui Sores

Bio Visao

Nuno Sa


Marie-Elizabeth Mali

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Mark Strong


Work with us and submit your photos


The Foundation works tirelessly to promote sustainable marine tourism here in the Azores as well as increasing whale and dolphin protections. Your photography is an invaluable part of this work. A key part of our awareness building is the photography and video donated to us by supports like you.

In return for the photos that are used, you will be listed on the photography page of the Foundation and entitled to a complimentary drink at The Gin Library. Photographers who reach elite status will be made ambassadors of the foundation and will receive a bottle of Baleia in return for their support.


Rename your photo with the following:
1. Name / credit
2. Cetacean type
3. Island (optional)
4. Company photo was taken on (optional)

Please upload your photos into a specific or new folder here


All rights to the images still belong to you as the photographer. The images will be credited to you (as long as you have correctly named them.) The images will only be used on official Foundation accounts and platforms (such as Instagram, facebook and the FOA website.) If you have any questions please contact us directly here.